Explore the World of Massage
Whether you are considering getting your first massage or receive massage regularly, the world of massage is ever changing. Learn more about what to expect during massage, the different types of massage, the facts and benefits of massage, as well as the latest research.

What to Expect

Thinking about receiving your first massage but nervous? Need more information before you can decide if massage is right for you, your family or friends? Read More

Types of Massage

What kinds of massage are available, and what types should I consider receiving? Read More

Benefits of Massage

Why should I get massage? How can massage improve my health? Read More

Facts About Massage

Who gets massage and why? How does massage fit into the workplace? How do healthcare providers promote the benefits of massage to their patients? Read More

Massage Research

What is the latest research about massage and pain management? What do back pain, stress and breast cancer have in common? Read More

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